How to see Uttar Pradesh Police Pay Slip Online

By Ajay Singh, February 9, 2019

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Friends, if there is a Uttar Pradesh Police in your house, whether it is your dad, whether it is your grandfather, whether your grandfather or any of your relatives, they will have a little trouble knowing their pay slip.

Today I will tell you how to see slips online

How to see Uttar Pradesh Police Pay Slip Online

 So first of all you need to know whose pay slip, you should know their PNO number, you can ask them if you are going to see Pay Slip

After that you will have to go to a website for which I have given below. Let me tell you this is the official website of Uttar Pradesh Police, so you do not have to take any problem. You are absolutely safe here.

After that you will need to go there and enter the PNO number and select any kind of mind and any year you want to see the Pay Slip, you can search by summit there and you can easily see online Pay Slip online. It is a very simple way to get this way you can tell your elders or those who do not know this way, you can tell this method you can use on your smartphone. Will also work smoothly

In this way your relatives, your brother, your father, your grandfather, whoever is in any police, he will be very helpful.


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